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Equine Fence Products and Electric Horse Fencing
Electric Fencing for T Posts
Electric Fence Energizers- 110 Volt, Battery Powered, Solar
Electric Fencing for Wood Posts

Electric Horse Fences, Electric Cattle Fences, & Electric Fencing Supplies

Electric-Fence.com offers the widest selection of horse fencing, electric fences, polytapes, polyrope, fence chargers and energizers, fencing accessories, and other equine products of any company on the Internet.


Our internet catalog store, based in New Hampshire, has everything you need to build electric horse fences, electric cattle fences, and other types of fences... with electric fencing supplies to protect against pests and predators. We specialize in hard-to-find items and fast delivery on all electric fencing systems and supplies.

Stay One Step Ahead of Garden Pests with Our Garden Kits for Spring!

For maximum protection, plan ahead and install our Electric Fence Garden Kits before you plant your Spring Garden this year.
With everything you need to protect your garden from pests, our electrified garden fence kits make sure raccoons, opossums and other critters aren't going to spoil your tender plants this gardening season.


Great training to keep pets away from the garden area before there are plants to trample.
  • Different size kits to protect whatever size garden you design
  • Electric voltage upgrades for control of persistent pests
  • Designed to deter not harm the animal pests who love to eat garden produce and flowers
Check out all our Electric Fence Garden Kits to find the right ones for all your garden projects.
Electric Garden Fence Kits and Raccoon Fencing
Get our FREE How To Guide : Building a Garden Fence and begin the planting season right!

Electric Horse Fences & Equine Fencing Supplies

Electric Horse Fence and Equine Fencing Supplies
Keep your horses safe from coyotes, predators, thievery, and accidents.
Our electric horse fencing supplies are second to none! We stand by the high quality and usefulness of our items.
We offer over 20 different Energizers and chargers PLUS
Everything you need for an affordable, long lasting horse fence is here at Electric-Fence.com! View our Electric Horse Fence diagram...

Electric Cattle Fences & Large Farm Animal Fencing Supplies

Electric Cattle Fence and Large Livestock Fencing Supplies
High tensile fencing is ideal for protecting cattle and large farm animals.
We supply everything you need:
Can't decide which fencing supplies and products are the best choices for you? Contact Us!
We would be happy to help you choose the right fencing for your farm, your ranch, and your livestock.

Small Animal Fences, Pet Fences, Garden Fences, & Fencing Supplies

Our fences and fencing supplies are not just for horses, cattle, and other large animals. We also carry farm fencing ranging from deer fence to coyote fence and more.


Farm Fencing Supplies
Protect your livestock against large predators like wolves, wild dogs, and coyotes. Electric fence does not just keep farm animals in; it also keeps unwanted animals out.
Have trouble keeping your dog in your yard? Electric fence will do the trick!
Electric fence is suitable for smaller livestock such as sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and pigs.
Use our electric garden fence kits to keep out rabbits, deer, and other garden pests!

Electric Fence Accessories

Our selection of fence components and farm fencing supplies also includes posts, wire, and miscellaneous supplies for other sorts of fence (including for rotational grazing).


Visit our electric fence accessories section for underground & hook up wire, lightning arrestors, cut off switches, and other items to complete your project.


If you need fencing supplies that we do not carry, please contact us to request a special order.


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Clip Bender
Clip Bender
DE 4000, 10 JOULE Energizer
DE 4000, 10 JOULE Energizer
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Easy Snap Insulator-25/pkg
Easy Snap Insulator-25/pkg

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