Gripple- Small (20 Pack)

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Gripple- Small (20 Pack)
Innovative Gripple for joining and tensioning electric fence will save you time and money!

With Small Gripple Fence Joiner & Tensioner, you will significantly reduce the amount of time and labor involved to install your fencing system.


Unlike standard knots and crimps, Gripple features a unique rolling mechanism of engineering quality ceramic that moves in only one direction to always tension the wire.
Gripple- Small (20 Pack)
  • Gripple guarantees a secure grip on all types of wire, with internal “”teeth”” that “”bite”” down when a load is felt on the wire
  • Gripple resists corrosion commonly caused by sprays and fertilizers
  • Gripple allows you to tension wire for difficult terrain, such as ridges and dips
Gripple- Small (20 Pack)
Small Gripple is ideal for splicing 17-13 gauge wire! Maximum Load: 450 lbs. Each package of Small Gripple includes 20 pieces. also offers Gripple in Medium and Large for different uses. Each size works with different types of wire as well as different wire gauges.


No tools are required, but our Tensioning Tool provides an efficient way to increase tension and fits all Gripple sizes. Save even more money! Try our Starter Pack or Promo Pack to save money on this incredible tool and start out with a supply of Gripple.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in