Garden Fence Kit – Battery Powered, Medium


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Medium Battery Powered Garden Fence Kit

This Electric Garden fence kit is for Medium size gardens to keep garden pests and pets out of your garden. Spacing the posts at 8 foot intervals should provide coverage for a 160 foot perimeter with a miniumu of 2 strands of polybraid.

The medium Battery Powered electric garden fence kit consists of:
  • DS 140, Battery powered energizer,
  • 20 fiberglass rods, 3/8 inch. diameter x 3 foot long (not shown)
  • 40 clips for fastening the wire to the posts
  • 2 rolls of 250 feet long poly wire
  • One 3 foot ground rod with clamp
  • 10 feet of ground wire
  • 1 Gate handles (not shown)
  • warning sign
  • fence tester

Note: If you have difficult problem with pests we have given you an option to upgrade to more powerful battery energizers or a solar energizer.

Please visit the site below for directions on installing a garden fence.

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in
Upgrade Battery Energizer

No upgrade, DS 300 Upgrade, DS 400, DS100 Solar