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Articles on Fencing

Search our Articles on Fencing for valuable information on building a quality fencing system and maintaining it. Our resources also include supplement products to the fencing products we carry in our catalog store.

17 Mistakes to Avoid with Electric Fencing- Wayne Burleson shares useful tips on avoiding common electric fencing mistakes, from 30 years of experience in building electric fences.

Additional Information on Dare Products- Dare has been providing fencing to ranchers and farmers for 60 years. Learn more about the quality Dare product line we carry in our catalog store.

Additional Information on Gripple- Find out about Gripple products and why they are popular, innovative, and useful for electric fencing.

Chaining Is A Cruel Way to Keep A Dog- Column on the damage that chaining up a dog can do, as well as viable alternatives (such as fencing)

Electric Fence Design- Valuable information on designing your electric fence, including how to determine the strength needed, how badly animals want to get out or in, etc.

Electric Fence Energizer: Why You Don't Go Cheap- Valuable information on why quality is so important for your electric fence energizer

Electric Horse Fencing- Valuable information about electric horse fencing by Buzzle.com, including why equine fencing is important and what components are needed.

Making A Well Grounded (Earthed) Fence- Tips from a New Zealand grazing farmer and consultant to keep your fence hot and your livestock in.

Separating Rams from Ewes- Humurous blog post from Nature's Harmony on preventing breeding problems with young sheep, featuring a portable electric fence system.
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