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Catalog > Raccoon Netting 10/28/3.5

#FFNRCG Raccoon Netting 10/28/3.5

Raccoon Netting 10/28/3.5- Green 82'or 164' long

Raccoons are notoriouse for their addiction to sweet corn. They oftern destroy a crop in a single night. They seem to know exactly when the corn is ready for them. Usually a few days before it's ready for picking.
Item NRCG, will stop raccoons, woodchucks, small dogs, rabbits, skunks, as well as domestic ducks/geese. This netting is also used to prevent Canada geese from walking from water onto shore areas. These nets are fast and easy to install. The stainless steel conductors are more durable than copper conductor nets.
  •            10 horizontal strands of wire
  •            28 inches high
  •            Graduated spacing
  •               From bottom 1st 7 strands at 3 "
  •               Last two 3.5 ".
  •            Color: Green
  •            Length 82 feet or 164 feet
  •            Posts are included at 12 1/2 foot spacing
It is vital to have power in reserve.  The fence must have at least 3,000v on the voltage test meter at the farthest point from the energizer. Therefore, we recommend a .25 joule low-impedance charger minimum per net . (Example: 4 nets connected together requires 1 joule charger) 
Customers that have purchased this item have also purchase an energizer, a ground rod, ground rod clamp, hook up wire and a fence tester.



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