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Catalog > Hot-Rail - 5 Inch- 660 ft roll Item 381080

#381080 Hot-Rail - 5 Inch- 660 ft roll Item 381080
Centaur Hot-Rail HTP®: Strong and Flexible Rails for Safe Electric Horse Fence


Ranchers, farmers, and other horse owners know how important a safe environment is to raising horses.

While it is essential to keep horses within the boundaries of your property and safe from would-be predators, these valuable animals can easily be injured by fence railing that cracks or splinters.

Centaur HTP® Fencing Systems has developed an exclusive polymer horse fence that absorbs impact without dangerous damage to the fence.
Centaur Hot-Rail HTP Horse Fence Rail Closeup


In fact, this polymer blend is so strong and flexible, the rails only give enough to prevent injury when a horse pushes or rushes the fence.


Centaur Hot-Rail HTP® Horse Fence is the safest electric fence available! Centaur HTP® Fencing Systems has combined electrical properties within the actual rail, eliminating the need for separate hot wire that could severely cut your horse. This new technology CUTS INSTALLATION TIME IN HALF!
  • Five inch (5") wide "rail" constructed of three 12.5 gauge, galvanized high tensile steel wires embedded in a tough, non-conductive HTP® Polymer coating
  • One of the three embedded high tensile wires is electrified. This wire is located on the outer edge of the 5 "rail
  • 660 foot roll to be installed as a continuous loop around your entire area to be fenced in
  • Unique bracket technology that attaches to your own fence posts
  • Brackets sold separetley
  • Installs on the post with a heavy duty, powder coated steel barrel tensioner (sold separately)
  • Barrel tensionsers can be insulated with a black insulator pad (sold separately)
Available in black, white, or brown... (fence style shown for color purpose only)
Choose a safe horse fence that is as beautiful as it is strong!
Centaur HTP Horse Fence Rail Closeup
Centaur HTP Horse Fence Rail Closeup
Centaur HTP Horse Fence Rail Closeup


Because the fence is installed as a continuous loop (rather than rigid individual rails of 8, 10, or 12 feet) and attached with brackets that allow the rail to slip freely, any impact to the fence is absorbed and spread out down the entire length of the fence. This protects your horses from injury, while keeping your fence intact.


Centaur Hot-Rail HTP® Horse Fence will not rust, rot, warp, splinter, chip, peel, stretch, fade, or shatter.* Because of Centaur's confidence in their amazing product, each Centaur Hot-Rail HTP® Fence carries a 30 YEAR Limited Warranty!


UV Stabilized; NO PAINTING required; Withstands Sub-zero Temperatures


Horse & Rider Friendly; Installs with less tension than other fencing systems; LOW Maintenance


Use for horses, cattle, and other livestock. Perfect for pastures, outdoor arenas, round pens, landscaping, and more!


*Correct installation is key to a virtually maintenance-free lifetime of the Centaur equine fencing system. Installation is easy enough that many owners tackle it themselves. See the factory recommendations on post selection and installation...



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