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Catalog > Gripple

Save Time and Money with Gripple!

Gripple Fence Joiner and Tensioner
As a busy farmer, rancher, or horse owner, you work from dawn until dusk to tend your land and your animals. You don't have spare time to waste with the common difficulties of installing and maintaining your fence!

Innovative Gripple for joining and tensioning electric fence will save you time and money!

With Gripple, you will significantly reduce the amount of time and labor involved to install your fencing system.Unlike standard knots and crimps, Gripple features a unique rolling mechanism of engineering quality ceramic. This unique roller moves in only one direction, providing the ability to always tension the wire which in turn provides essential safety and protection of your land and animals. The mechanism also
  • Securely grips all types of wire, with internal "teeth" that "bite" down when a load is felt
  • Resists corrosion commonly caused by sprays and fertilizers
Gripple Fence Joiner Tensioner in Use, Demonstrating the Roller Mechanism
Gripple is perfect for installing electric fencing! Also use for
  • Barbed wire, hi-tensile wire, and plain wire
  • Stock netting
  • Repairing damaged or old wire without causing additional damage
  • Bracing fence posts
Three Different Sized Gripple Fence Joiner and Tensioners on Fence Wire
Fence and Farm offers Gripple in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Each size works with different types of wire as well as different wire gauges.

With unique functions and capabilities, each type of Gripple has a working load limit clearly listed to ensure you purchase the right product for your fencing needs.
The Tensioning Tool provides an efficient way to increase tension and fits all Gripple sizes. Save even more money! Try our Starter Pack or Promo Pack to save money on this incredible tool and start out with a supply of Gripple.

Medium Gripple Starter Pak
Medium Gripple Starter Pak
Medium Gripple Promo Pak
Medium Gripple Promo Pak
Gripple- Small (20 Pack)
Gripple- Small (20 Pack)
Gripple- Medium (20 Pack)
Gripple- Medium (20 Pack)
$33.40 $28.00
Gripple- Large (10 Pack)
Gripple- Large (10 Pack)
Out of Stock
Gripple Tensioning Tool-Model TGTTP
Gripple Tensioning Tool-Model TGTTP
$92.50 $79.00

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